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Who am I? What is Bakery Babu?

BabuBakery Babu was founded in 2016 when I moved to The Netherlands. My name is Marcela Amaral. I am a Brazilian university professor and educational consultant with a hobby that has gotten out of my hands. I didn’t plan anything, and I just found myself doing decoration cake courses, and completely in love with it. I realized I was drawn into hundreds of cake decorating websites, and I was suddenly making customized cakes and cupcakes. Bakery Babu was definitely born from my genuine passion for making desserts and especially cakes. The bakery is new but my passion for baking cakes, aah this one is from old times!

Quality is something I really care about, that is why I have attended a variety of Wilton courses. I have learned how to work with fondant and buttercream techniques as well as sugar flowers. Wilton is a global brand and a world leader in the cake decoration industry. Moreover, I am a member of My Cake School and Bluprint an online platform. There I learn diverse cake decoration techniques with well-known cake decorators.

Party Cakes

  • Lemon Cake with Blue Pop Seed
  • Filling: White chocolate buttercream or
    strawberry buttercream
  • Frosting: White chocolate buttercream or
    strawberry buttercream
  • € 25,-(20cm)
  • Carrot Cake
  • Filling: Brigadeiro or
  • Frosting: Brigadeiro or
  • € 25,-(20cm)
  • Red Velvet
  • Filling: Brigadeiro or
  • Frosting: Brigadeiro or
  • € 25,-(20cm)
  • Pink Sparkling Wine Cake
  • Filling: White Chocolate Buttercream
  • Frosting: White Chocolate Buttercream
  • € 25,-(20cm)
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Filling: Brigadeiro or
    Ganache or
    Chocolate buttercream
  • Frosting: Brigadeiro or
    Ganache or
    Chocolate buttercream
  • € 25,-(20cm)
  • Vanilla Cake with Dulce de Leche
  • Filling: Dulce de Leche
  • Frosting: Vanilla buttercream
  • € 25,-(20cm)
  • Orange Almond Cake

  • Frosting: Ganache
  • € 35,- (26cm)

Everything is made from scratch at Bakery Babu. This is my motto. I refuse to use ready-made products. In this way, I guarantee the quality of my products. In addition to that, I can also offer gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and egg-free version of my cakes.


  • Lemon Cake with Blue Pop Seeds
  • € 15,-(20cm)
  • Pumpkin
  • € 18,-(20cm)
  • Orange
  • € 28,- (26cm)
  • Apple
  • € 22,- (30cm)
  • Coconut and Cheese
  • € 25,- (30cm)
  • Chocolate Cake with Bluberry and Banana
  • € 25,- (20cm)

You definitely do not like fondant, buttercream, ganache or brigadeiro? Or maybe you like them, but once in a while you just want to have a simple cake? Then I am sure I have something for you too.


  • Regular
  • Min. 12
  • € 1,50
  • Mini
  • Min. 24
  • € 0,30
  • Mushroom
  • Min. 10
  • € 1,70

Do you have something to celebrate with friends, family or colleagues? Do you want something special? At Bakery Babu you will find delicious cupcakes with diverse flavours (carrot, pumpkin, chocolate, vanilla, pink sparkling wine and so on.) Cupcakes can be decorated with ganache, buttercream and brigadeiro. It is also possible to include a filling. But if you do not want any topping or filling, I can certainly do that for you!

Bakery Babu offers both normal and mini cupcakes. There is also a cupcake size that I have called mushroom, and I think it is not necessary to explain why, right?


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Delicious, I can't stop eating it.
― Hester Slakhorst
I have never eaten such delicious cake. Now I know what I will have for my next birthday party, so more people can get to taste such delicious cake.
― Roos Haasnoot
Marcela is the queen of the cakes! Her original recipes and combinations are really special. Always fresh and tasty cakes. You can't have enough. One of my favorites is the Brigadeiro Cake.
Unique special cakes!
― Bianca Haasnoot
Tasty cakes made with love by Marcela Amaral. To me the unforgattable one is the white chocolate lemon cake.
Beautiful and tasty!
― Jort, Marloes en Lotte

What a cake!!
Marcela's cakes are pieces of art.
― Wiejanda Vogelzang

Marcela makes special cakes. All of them are delicious and well designed.
You should try it!
― Jaap Glasbergen

The visitors and volunteers from the Taalcafe are the official testers for all the original combinations and tasty cakes made by Marcela.

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